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Hotel Krakonoš is build after reconstruction and situated near from nice historical center of the city Trutnov, (2 minutes from Krakonoš square), whose rice come to 13. century.

Trutnov was from firs infancy centre of politics, social and economic events in region. Trutnov is situated in centre of turistic activity of east Giant Mountains (Krkonoše), indicate as „Gate of Giant Mountains“ and thanks atractive nature and care of the city is accounted of one of the nicest towns in Czech Republic.

In history of Trutnov is destiny all our mother land. As proof there are traditions, witch hanging on from history to present. Even if there were wars, wildfires and natures catastrophes, Trutnov ever pooled together and with helps ever inhabitans stood up from shamhles and ruins to new life. Many places, builds and streets, in witch penetrating old with new, yesterday with today, giving to look to old times and to lifes somebody, who was there behind us. Beautiful story about foundation Trutnov has art worked in Trutnovs sighn.

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