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Brewery restaurant is situated on the place, where was originally Upper Mill . Upper Mill was built up by mill race in the neighbourhood of towns Brewer in todays Brewery restaurant in Barvířská street.

There isn' t many written documents about Mill exept 16. centrury. Mill has been built in 1525, miller were old mistr Nypert, his son finished his life on place of execution, because he killed one Lady.

In 1550 builder Scheyber from Volanov alocationed water pipeline from Upper Mill to near central gateway.

In 1571 was Mill delivered of possession to town, but Mill couldn't grind as people had no money and corn at those times.

In 1580 ref Jan Chudovitz inspected Mill. Honourable counsel of Trutnov town encharged miller Kašpar Ruker to repare Mill. Miller´s trade wasn´t easy job - there were very big peace of craft. Millers were builders of Mills, sawmills and berrages.

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